About us

We are a sunglasses brand based in the UK focusing on classic, vintage frames based around a tinted lens. We also offer many casual styles as well. One of our ethos's is that all our products will be priced at an affordable cost.  

Get In Touch:

Email: Sales@claseyewear.co.uk 

Instagram: @CLAS.eyewear 

How we started: 

My name is Connor and I founded the brand in 2020, when I was going on holiday and trying to source sunglasses with a classic, vintage style with a tinted lens. However I found it difficult to find them at an affordable price. This is when I came up with the idea to start my own brand offering the styles I was trying to source and sell them at an affordable price. I came up with the brand name "CLAS." meaning: "Connors Lenses And Sunglasses." as this was going to be the elements of my brand.