About Us


We are a new UK based eyewear brand, founded in 2020.

Our current focus is to provide sunglasses with a classic, vintage style frame around a coloured tinted lens. However we aren't stopping there..

The next step in our journey is to provide prescription glasses but keeping up with our ethos of CLASsic, vintage frames. Moving from a sunglasses brand, to an all round eyewear brand. 


How we started: 

My name is Connor and I started CLAS.EYEWEAR back in 2020.

I have always had a love for sunglasses and my go to would always be a vintage pair with a coloured tinted lens. However when trying to source this specific type of shades, I would find it difficult to find them at a reasonable price. 

This is when I came up with the idea to start my own brand, providing the styles I loved and to sell them at an affordable cost. I then founded CLAS. with the purpose to help anyone in the same boat as me.  

I came up with the brand name "CLAS." meaning: "Connors Lenses And Sunglasses." Our vision was to always provide prescription lens glasses, as well as sunglasses.